How it Works

ShockoeForward helps the community come together to find solutions that benefit the neighborhood. Sometimes those solutions only involve a few people; other times they may engage a larger segment of the community.

Starting a Project
There are two ways to get involved in a project. You can either establish a new project or join a project already active and in progress.

When you start a new project you can either “own” that project or allow someone else to claim the project and “own” it. Project Owners enter the details about the project and start to publicize it via email or Facebook.

Joining a Project and Commenting
Once the project is started, other members of the ShockoeForward community can comment and provide additional direction and insight. They can also post photos and documents to aid in the conversation. To join a project, just enter a comment and you instantly become a member. The conversation around that project will appear in your Project Dashboard once you have joined.

A list of all open projects is available on the View All Projects page. From this page you can join a project. Additionally, Trending Topics appear throughout the site. Those topics represent common keywords assigned to projects. You can click on one of those topics to see other projects that are similar.

As a project advances and the discussions increase, the Project Owner can mark certain comments as “keyframes.” These keyframes are comments that lead to a major action or movement on the project. Once a project is complete, comments and keyframes can be accessed by others seeking similar answers. Keyframes provide a summary of actions that helped resolve a project.

Resolving a Project
Once a project has been resolved, the Project Owner can change the project status from “Unresolved” to “Resolved.” The project can still have comments added to it, and it is still listed on the View All Projects page, but users will see that the project has been resolved and can view the comment history.