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#1 David commenting on 17th & E. Main Farmers Market Area on July 25, 2011

I have seen that market in operation. It is a great example how a market can be successful when properly managed and funded. But it's in a more established residential neighborhood than we have in the Bottom. I think the Market in the Bottom could really benefit by creating a multi-purpose space out of at least part of the market that could work as dining space for restaurants part of the time, as festival space part of the time and as market part of the time. That would require at least part of the existing market structure being torn down (the part closest to Main Street), and replaced with an open plaza area. (Sort of like the Mall in downtown Charlottesville.) Restaurant could use the plaza most of the time. But it would be available for festivals also. On market days (once a week during season) market tents could be erected as is done on Lakeside and most other area farmers markets. To accomplish this the City would need to give up operating control of the market to a non-profit operating group and remove all the parking in the market stalls. Using the market stalls for parking as is done now sends a really bad message about the market and the area.