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#1 maryayres commenting on What are 3-5 things we can do to improve the Shockoe neighborhood? on August 08, 2011

A lifelong Richmonder, I've seen the Bottom go through many transformations. It has broken my heart to see it in it's current state. Run down buildings or vacant properties, unruly crowds and an increase in crime has kept this area from becoming all it could be. My suggestions include : Incentives put in place to draw a different class of businesses to the bottom (An opportunity for the area to resemble Carytown or The Slip), standards in place to clean up vacant buildings and sites and until these changes can take place, an increased police prescence to protect and maintain order in the area consistently and to build relationships with current law abiding, money making ventures in the area. The late night crowds that assemble in the area have rendered the area unsafe for the average person and have given this once festive area an inner city, run down feel that will be VERY difficult to recover from any time soon. The businesses that draw said crowds add little to the area's appeal or financial health.