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#4 carrie_helen commenting on 17th & E. Main Farmers Market Area on August 09, 2011

I actually used to sell jewelry at this market, but I stopped going b/c the market traffic wasn't busy enough for me justify the time I spent there. I always really enjoyed it, but the money just wasn't there.


#3 carrie_helen commenting on Sidewalks on August 09, 2011

OMG! I can't tell you how many heels I've ruined on those sidewalks. They're all pretty bad, but I think the worst section is on Main right in front of what used to be Catch 22 (I'm showing my age). B/w the train station and 18th St. 18th St b/w Have a Nice Day and Tiki Bob's is pretty bad too.


#2 carrie_helen commenting on The Old South on August 09, 2011

This is an excellent idea. When I was teaching in Chesterfield County, I would often suggest doing field trips to Richmond, since my students were studying the Civil War and E.Poe but the other teachers and parents always opted for Washington, DC. Excuses ranged from too dangerous, not organized enough, no good programs, is there even anything there to see? There are a ton of SOL's Richmond can satisfy.


#1 carrie_helen commenting on Clubs on August 09, 2011

I'd like to see the clubs train their bouncers to be less "I'm a bouncer, respect my athoriti" and more professionals. I understand drunks are drunks and sometimes people act stupid, but I stopped going to Have a Nice Day Cafe years ago b/c the bouncers decided my husband was drunk and we "had to go". Well, he was actually the DD and hadn't had a drink, and in our group, which got cussed out and physically forced out included, 2 cops, 2 bondsmen, 1 deputy and a lawyer. We all just wanted to go out and have a little fun, but it turned into a crap night b/c the bouncer said my husband was "large and intimidating and had too many tattoos". It soured our opinion of the bottom and the businesses there and we haven't been back to any of the places. Training goes a long way and in my job, I deal with some very dangerous people at times. Even with my worst fugitive, we have never felt the need to kick a door down in a power struggle. I think in our experience at HAND, it was more this bouncer had no clue how to handle people and felt the need to win some power struggle that he made up in his head. A lot of issues can be avoided with training.