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Jeff E.

#1 Jeff E. commenting on What are 3-5 things we can do to improve the Shockoe neighborhood? on August 10, 2011

Make Shockoe one truly connected district. Right now there is a definitive line at 14th street. Find funding and means to bury the unsightly web of utility lines under new sidewalks bricked similarly to the Slip. Encourage vacant and surface parking lot owners, by incentives or threat of fines, to take better care of their properties. Trash, weeds, broken/rutted pavement and chain link fences are inexcusable. I second what kevin said about the stench. A negative pressure system (aka a large fan) could be set up at the transfer station under 95 to prevent vapors from wafting out onto the street. Pushing the air through dry carbon would likely remove the odor.