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#19 jjm2 commenting on Broad Street Corridor on February 04, 2012

At this juncture, I will pass your comment on poor lighting on to the two firms involved with design engineering responsibilities for the City for their consideration. Thanks for your thoughts.


#18 jjm2 commenting on East Cary Street Maintenance on January 09, 2012

Since springtime 2011, the Shockoe Partnership's Strategic Planning Committee and City Public Works Administration staff have been focusing on Shocke Street reconstruction, cobblestone street restoration where appropriate and street maintenance issues. Discussions surround the funding and implemention of a multi-year capital program to positively transform the neighborhood public street rights-of-way. The City Administration is finalizing its new City budget which must receive final City Council approval by usually May 2012. More to come on this issue over the next several months.

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#17 jjm2 commenting on City's Shockoe Bottom 2-way traffic conversion project on December 14, 2011

Thanks for following up with Tom Flynn. hopefully the City can get VDOT approval to proceed with this 2-way conversion initiative before any potential General Assembly work over of the VA transportation budget in late Winter.

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#16 jjm2 commenting on City's Shockoe Bottom 2-way traffic conversion project on November 15, 2011

Traffic engineering had intended to get a final design & bid specification package for the 2-way Shockoe traffic conversions under contract with an engineering firm by the end of November 2011. I will check in with that department in during the first week of December to determine progress.

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#15 jjm2 commenting on How to deal with noise nuisances ? on November 10, 2011

This is a useful tip because this app "decibels" may provide that first stage confidence a noise nuisance appears to violate the City ordinance before calling into the police to intervene, verify and enforce compliance. Although I am not a lawyer, I doubt whether the decibel app alone could be a proper noise measuring instrument in a court hearing. My own experience had been in noise nuisance in relation to zoning enforcement. The zoning division in the department I headed up had to use certified meters which were recertified a periodic intervals to allow acceptance of their readings in enforcement cases. I have an Iphone and will check out the app.


#14 jjm2 commenting on Broad Street Corridor on September 15, 2011

There is hope. This morning at a Shockoe Partnership Board of Directors meeting, members learned the City of Richmond with VDOT funding support is letting a contract for engineering design services to develop a "Gateway" project along E. Broad street from 18th Street up the hill to MCV medical campus. The project contemplates streetscape enhancements including sidewalks in this corridor. The design work and plans review would take about one year before any construction contract could be bid. As plans evolve, I will keep you posted.


#13 jjm2 commenting on Driving hazards from utility access points on August 12, 2011

Kevin, Is this adjacent where the flood wall begins below the two old canal locks? Do they resemble metal bollard that are cut down to almost the surface of the street?


#12 jjm2 commenting on What are 3-5 things we can do to improve the Shockoe neighborhood? on August 11, 2011

Thank you most recently,Kevin Jeff & Kathleen. We need more of you to jump in on the "3-5 most important items to improve the Shockoe neighborhoods.. The more contributions, the more validity to patterns that emerge. A strong pattern can become a project for resolution. Give the matter some thought and respond with your considerations.


#11 jjm2 commenting on Make 14th Street between Main & Dock Streets safer for pedestrians on August 09, 2011

Several years ago, the City with State funds improved the 14th Street corridor between E. Main and the bridge over the canal just beyond Dock. Richmond Riverfront Development Corp was also involved because of the Turning Basin Building project. This improvement exceeded $5M and included undergrounding the overhead utilities. Shockoe Partnership had advocated using cobblestones as the intersection material in the 14th & Cary as well as the 14th & Canal Street intersections. SP's purpose was twofold: aethetic character and slowing traffic. DPW represented that VDOT would not approve cobblestones on a legislative route. The compromise was the brick crosswalks with granite borders to lock in the pavers. Looks good but does nothing to slow the traffic. Cleaning up all the former overhead wiring jungle was a huge improvement. The cobbles are effective and do slow traffic all along Cary.

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#10 jjm2 commenting on 17th & E. Main Farmers Market Area on August 05, 2011

To my recollection, the deed covenant for the17th Farmers Market property remains in place so a farmers market use has to be either the primary use or part of the use mix. After the Parks Dept. supervision (quite a long time ago), City Hall has demonstrated no capacity to effectively orchestrate and sustain the market use. It is dead space in the visible commercial heart of the Bottom