Cars driving too fast on Dock Street

1705-1715 Dock St, Richmond, VA 23223, USA


Posted 40 months ago

Some people that drive on this street do not respect the pedestrian signs or the speed limit.  Some ways to resolve this could be having pedestrian buttons that activate blinking lights that alert a driver that a pedestrian is crossing.  These have been used in various cities that I have visited and they seem to work.  Also, speed humps along this road (at crosswalks) would definitely improve the speed of traffic.  Lastly, reducing the turning  radius at the corner of 14th and Dock street from the Mayo Bridge would slow down some of the traffic.  If the city would like the Canal Walk to be used they need to provide ways to cross the boundary of Dock Street safely.      




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#1 ryeclifton on August 25, 2011

This is an interesting idea... anyone know who to call?