City’s Shockoe Bottom 2-way traffic conversion project

1646-1698 E Main St, Richmond, VA 23219, USA


Posted 38 months ago

On Thursday, October 13, 2011 at 6 PM in Main Street Station, City Public Works staff and their consultant will conduct a public meeting to present and receive public comment on the conversion of many Shockoe Bottom streets from one way to two way operations.  This is an active proposal for which the City has available funds to implement next Spring 2012.  The specific area of focus is from the east side of the station to 18th Street from Cary to Broad. 

Be there to stay informed.and participate.

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Project Owner

#5 jjm2 on December 14, 2011

Thanks for following up with Tom Flynn. hopefully the City can get VDOT approval to proceed with this 2-way conversion initiative before any potential General Assembly work over of the VA transportation budget in late Winter.


#4 BWhite on December 14, 2011

Tom Flynn (City Traffic Engineer) says the City is still waiting on final VDOT approval. Given the time of year, he estimates that the work on the ground will not begin until April or May of 2012.


#3 BWhite on November 29, 2011

I just spoke with the City's chief traffic engineer, and he's promising an update within 24 hours. I'll post it here asap.

Project Owner

#2 jjm2 on November 15, 2011

Traffic engineering had intended to get a final design & bid specification package for the 2-way Shockoe traffic conversions under contract with an engineering firm by the end of November 2011. I will check in with that department in during the first week of December to determine progress.


#1 jcaperton on November 15, 2011

Any updates?