Driving hazards from utility access points

252-298 S 12th St, Richmond, VA 23219, USA


Posted 40 months ago

When driving around the bend where E. Byrd Street turns into 12th street, there are metal utility access points protruding out of the pavement, creating a dangerous driving situation and potential tire hazard.  

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#4 erichanson on November 11, 2011

Kevin, I drove by this area yesterday and it looks like the city has repaved this road. It also looks like they are trying to fix a few other areas that are similar to this. I think we can close this project.

Project Owner

#3 kevinrothermel on August 18, 2011

Eric, thanks for snapping that picture. That's exactly what I'm talking about. It's hard to tell from this perspective, but they look more hazardous when driving towards the point where you took this picture. You have to swerve to avoid them on a tight curve.


#2 erichanson on August 18, 2011

@kevinrothermel and @jjim2 - I think you guys are referring to the metal access points in this photo. I walked by today and it looks like the city made some improvements to the road. It's still not great but it's better than it was before. It also looks like they are still doing some work to the gas lines in that area. Maybe they will resurface the whole area once the gas line work is done?

photo_12th.JPG (746411)


#1 jjm2 on August 12, 2011

Kevin, Is this adjacent where the flood wall begins below the two old canal locks? Do they resemble metal bollard that are cut down to almost the surface of the street?