East Cary Street Maintenance

17th and E Cary St, Richmond, VA


Posted 46 months ago

Richmond.com is reporting that East Cary Street (including the area near Bottom's Up) is not on the list of roads to be repaved in 2011-12. The roads in this area are in TERRIBLE shape. Some of the potholes are a foot deep and can seriously damage a car.

I think the condition of these roads give visitors a bad impression of the area and I would like to figure out a way to get that road on the city's list.


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#10 jjm2 on January 09, 2012

Since springtime 2011, the Shockoe Partnership's Strategic Planning Committee and City Public Works Administration staff have been focusing on Shocke Street reconstruction, cobblestone street restoration where appropriate and street maintenance issues. Discussions surround the funding and implemention of a multi-year capital program to positively transform the neighborhood public street rights-of-way. The City Administration is finalizing its new City budget which must receive final City Council approval by usually May 2012. More to come on this issue over the next several months.


#9 James_Shelton32 on August 08, 2011

Currently, in Virginia, Counties get state funding for roads because they use to have no money and Cities do not get state funding for roads. The General Assembly should reconsider this. Today Counties have a high tax base and so Cities should get an equal share of State road Revenue.

#8 UPDATE on July 26, 2011: erichanson edited [What can we do to fix it? Who do we call? Who should we tell?]

#7 UPDATE on July 26, 2011: erichanson edited [What can we do to fix it? Who do we call? Who should we tell? Editing this comment.]

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#6 erichanson on March 01, 2011

Good news...sorta. It appears that the city patched some of the largest holes on the street. Now when you hit one you won't lose the front end of your car. The road is still a mess, however. Maybe we can find the city council man/woman for that area and ask them to meet with some of the business owners and residents?

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#5 jjm2 on February 22, 2011

This public street corridor is so bad it needs a major City capital investment of public works dollars. Given that fact, the options are get several council persons to put in a budget amendment to fund such a project, get the City Administration to put it in its recommended budget (now 2012) and gin up neighborhood interest to lobby for such improvements. If money is not readily available to finance the actual project at least initiate a design effort to define the scope and design elements of the ultimate improvments with a price tag to become part of a future works budget.. P.S. do barbarians have any partners?


#4 ryeclifton on February 16, 2011

What can we do to fix it? Who do we call? Who should we tell?


#3 jjm2 on February 02, 2011

I agree. The condition of E. Cary betwee 15th Street to 19th Street is deplorable. This void between the improved public spaces in Shockoe Slip and Tobacco Row creates ainadequately lighted, uninviting and unsafe corridor gap detering both a pedestrian and vehicular link between the two historic districts.

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#2 erichanson on January 24, 2011

Now there is a post on River District News about this too: http://riverdistrictnews.com/2011/01/24/what-are-the-streets-so-crappy-in-shockoe-bottom/

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#1 erichanson on January 24, 2011

The richmond.com article mentions Sharon North, Public Information Manager for the City of Richmond Department of Public Works. Does anyone know Sharon or someone in the Public Works department? I wonder if there is a way for us to get on their list?