Make 14th Street between Main & Dock Streets safer for pedestrians

1398 S 14th St, Richmond, VA 23219, USA


Posted 39 months ago

Despite the slow posted speed limit on 14th Street in the blocks between Main and Dock Streets, vehicles of all types (cars, buses, emergency vehicles, etc.) race through, with drivers so determined to make it through the series of traffic lights that the speed limit is exceeded all day long.  At our location on the corner of 14th and Cary, we witness weekly accidents, and we caution our customers to be VERY alert when crossing the street.

I propose taking up the top layer of asphalt to reveal the old cobblestones underneath, so the road is like Cary Street from 10th or so on down to the Bottom.  The effect would be to slow traffic witout having to install speed bumps.  It also would improve the historic shopping district feel of the area, encouraging more pedestrians to meander along the sidewalks on 14th.  



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#2 jjm2 on August 09, 2011

Several years ago, the City with State funds improved the 14th Street corridor between E. Main and the bridge over the canal just beyond Dock. Richmond Riverfront Development Corp was also involved because of the Turning Basin Building project. This improvement exceeded $5M and included undergrounding the overhead utilities. Shockoe Partnership had advocated using cobblestones as the intersection material in the 14th & Cary as well as the 14th & Canal Street intersections. SP's purpose was twofold: aethetic character and slowing traffic. DPW represented that VDOT would not approve cobblestones on a legislative route. The compromise was the brick crosswalks with granite borders to lock in the pavers. Looks good but does nothing to slow the traffic. Cleaning up all the former overhead wiring jungle was a huge improvement. The cobbles are effective and do slow traffic all along Cary.


#1 rbrianforrester on August 08, 2011

Our office is on 14th in the Watkins Cottrell building and we witnessed two accidents there last week, one involving a city bus. If there actually cobblestones under the pavement, how much would it cost to get the street back to that condition? One issue that will be tough to resolve is the fact that 14th street is one of the big connectors between the Southside (especially Manchester) and the city. Perhaps another solution would be to step up patrols in that area and more heavily ticket speeders.