Shockoe Revitalization Strategy

Richmond Main Street Station, Richmond, VA 23219, USA


Posted 37 months ago

Earlier this week, the City released their "Shockoe Economic Revitalization Strategy".  A copy of that report is available for downloading here.

The City commits to renovating the Main Street Station train shed, or "concourse".  They also spell out some other ideas to provide a basic framework for a vision for the community.  Let's hope that this report's issuance and its findings will come with a commitment from the City to this neighborhood's success.

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Project Owner

#2 BWhite on June 27, 2012

The train concourse work won't start this month, but it is still scheduled to begin this year - I believe in November. I think Jeannie Welliver with the Department of Economic Development is heading this project, and her number is 646-7322.