What are 3-5 things we can do to improve the Shockoe neighborhood?

1300 E Cary St, Richmond, VA


Posted 41 months ago

We are interested in your thoughts as to how to make the Shockoe neighborhood even better. What are 3-5 things we could do to improve this area. Add your comments to the "comments" field or start your own project.

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#2 jjm2 on June 24, 2011

For Shockoe Bottom, I have three (3) opinions: 1) Convert one-way City streets to two-way traffic operations (except for the one-way pairing around the 17th Street Market) 2) Regulate daytime hours street parking to a max. of 2 hours and thus eliminate employees from tying up parking space turnover. Find a lot if you want to park all day! AND 3) City needs to stop treating the Farmer's Markey as a problem (their words) and start considering the Market environs as an opportunity to better the commercial neighborhood otherwise the City is the problem in this particular instance.

Project Owner

#1 erichanson on June 23, 2011

As a resident of the area and someone who works down here, I would love to see more after-hours or weekend entertainment options. Friday Cheers and Friday's at Sunset are great, but they only happen on select days. InLight was a great event and brought tons of people down to the Slip. I would love to see weekly events like that.