What are 3-5 things we can do to improve the Shockoe neighborhood?

1300 E Cary St, Richmond, VA


Posted 41 months ago

We are interested in your thoughts as to how to make the Shockoe neighborhood even better. What are 3-5 things we could do to improve this area. Add your comments to the "comments" field or start your own project.

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#12 jjm2 on August 11, 2011

Thank you most recently,Kevin Jeff & Kathleen. We need more of you to jump in on the "3-5 most important items to improve the Shockoe neighborhoods.. The more contributions, the more validity to patterns that emerge. A strong pattern can become a project for resolution. Give the matter some thought and respond with your considerations.

Jeff E.

#11 Jeff E. on August 10, 2011

Make Shockoe one truly connected district. Right now there is a definitive line at 14th street. Find funding and means to bury the unsightly web of utility lines under new sidewalks bricked similarly to the Slip. Encourage vacant and surface parking lot owners, by incentives or threat of fines, to take better care of their properties. Trash, weeds, broken/rutted pavement and chain link fences are inexcusable. I second what kevin said about the stench. A negative pressure system (aka a large fan) could be set up at the transfer station under 95 to prevent vapors from wafting out onto the street. Pushing the air through dry carbon would likely remove the odor.


#10 kevinthrasher on August 08, 2011

Make the stench on 17th st go away. I think this may have been fixed. Clean the parking lot and chain link fence that surround the exxon station. The amtrak station looks sketchy and needs to be maintained better on the outside. Pave the cobblestones. This is not quant or nice, nor reminds anyone of the days of yore. Its bumpy and not bike friendly. Fix the sidewalks and maybe plant some trees in the area. Address the inconsistencies of parking and its enforcement.


#9 runchristinarun on August 08, 2011

Cater to a different crowd. Try the 30 somethings and 40 somethings instead of club-going kids. Host intellectual events (more art walks, etc.) Try a running event. That tends to attract a lot of families.


#8 James_Shelton32 on August 08, 2011

Open some abandond buildings up to local artists at a lower tax rate. Have a second or third Fridays art show. And/Or open up a lecture/discussion hall for Richmonds Many Activists.


#7 maryayres on August 08, 2011

A lifelong Richmonder, I've seen the Bottom go through many transformations. It has broken my heart to see it in it's current state. Run down buildings or vacant properties, unruly crowds and an increase in crime has kept this area from becoming all it could be. My suggestions include : Incentives put in place to draw a different class of businesses to the bottom (An opportunity for the area to resemble Carytown or The Slip), standards in place to clean up vacant buildings and sites and until these changes can take place, an increased police prescence to protect and maintain order in the area consistently and to build relationships with current law abiding, money making ventures in the area. The late night crowds that assemble in the area have rendered the area unsafe for the average person and have given this once festive area an inner city, run down feel that will be VERY difficult to recover from any time soon. The businesses that draw said crowds add little to the area's appeal or financial health.


#6 runchristinarun on August 08, 2011

1) repair sidewalks 2) host more events (after hours, restaurant specials) 3


#5 wildheavenfarm on August 05, 2011

Attract a better class of weekend event-goer by supporting the local burlesque scene and lending your voice to their woes with the ABC.


#4 HysideRVA on August 04, 2011

1. Place overhead utilities below ground. 2. Fix and/or replace sidewalks. 3. Pave the streets, especially the ones that still have abandoned RR tracks running down them. (i.e. Cary Street) 4. Make the owners of abandoned or neglected buildings paint the exterior or face fines.


#3 cmunton on August 03, 2011

I thinks closing the streets that Farmers Market to foot traffic migtallow for a locarion for concerts, festivals and evenhelp with securityi the area. Traffic flow is always trouble but those two side streets are ones that could be bicen up to provide more of controlled area for these events.